Provider Credentialing

Credentialing correctly and on time is the backbone of financially successful physician practices. Get it done right, the first time with direction from Mednet.

Provider Credentialing Opens the Door to Revenue

If you’re new to a practice, getting credentialed and contracted with insurance carriers can be a big barrier to entry. You cannot bill for services without proper credentialing/provider enrollment in place. Don’t let the credentialing process keep you from serving patients. Let Mednet’s Professional Services Team use their decades of experience and know-how to optimize your credentialing process.

Let Our Experts Sort Out the Details

A typical credentialing application will ask for over 150 data points, requiring dedicated time gathering and submitting information. Omitting data or making errors during the process can lead to delays or be grounds for denial. Excellent organization and attention to detail are everything. And, one simple mistake can have disastrous consequences, leaving years of revenue on the table. Let our team at Mednet help ensure you’re able to treat patients and be paid for your services as soon as possible.

Mednet Reviews Fee Schedules

If your fee schedule isn't up to date with industry standards, you could be missing money your competitors are getting. Mednet will review your fee schedule and see what your contracted rates are to make sure you're charging the allowed billable amount for each service.

Need help with Provider Credentialing?