Medical Billing for Hospital Service

Maybe the most complex place for medical billing is a hospital. But it’s nothing Mednet can’t tackle. We can increase your revenue by 20-30%

Why outsource medical billing to Mednet?

When it comes to billing, a hospital faces unique challenges and pain points that we understand at Mednet. We’ve worked with many hospitals throughout the country and helped them navigate:

  • Complex billing systems that leave room for a lot of error
  • Lack of proper health information technology (HIT) infrastructure
  • Patients with every type of insurance plan under the sun (wide variety of claims)
  • Lack of follow-through throughout the entire claims process

What Mednet provides to hospitals

Mednet provides comprehensive billing solutions for hospitals around the U.S. Our experienced staff knows exactly how to help you navigate the demands of a hospital. Many of the pain points specific to hospitals can easily be alleviated with outsourcing to a billing company you can trust.

And, with Mednet, each account has a dedicated account manager, so your team always has a point person to reach out to with any questions. We provide monthly reporting and have vigilant tactics to control A/R. In fact, Med net has a 98% collection success rate and our average days in A/R is less than 40 days.

How does medical billing for hospitals work?

To start, our software integrates with over 50 common EHR software to ensure the transportation of data is seamless and HIPAA compliant. We keep you and your patients safe and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

We also know a stressful demand of hospitals is credentialing new doctors. Mednet can take over this detail-driven process, review contracts, and even renegotiate them if necessary.

We Can Increase Your Revenue by 20-30%