Mednet Medical Billing and Coding

Serving New Mexico and beyond since 1985, we’re confident we can increase your practice’s revenue.

Founder Scott Wood started Mednet Medical Billing and Coding in 1985, after ten years in the medical billing industry working for Medicare. With his extensive knowledge of Medicare and medical billing, plus a passion for the new technology of the time—the PC—Wood was a forerunner in the medical billing industry. To this day, the team at Mednet remains innovative and committed to bringing quality service to medical practices all over the country, helping health care practitioners increase their profitability so they can better serve their communities.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of the very best in the medical billing and coding industry.

Scott Wood

Founder and President

As the president of Mednet, Scott uses his 45 years of experience in the medical billing field to look at operations from a 30,000-foot view, creating greater efficiency for both the client and the Mednet team. He also ensures the team keeps up with the changes in government and commercial payor policies, getting clients paid at the highest level. Aside from medical billing, Scott spends his free time staying active, skiing, hiking, and motorcycling.

Christine Cosentino

Operations Manager

With over 20 years at Mednet under her belt, Christine can easily troubleshoot problems and bring them to a resolution, as well as forward-thinking to prevent problems. Christine has worked in medical billing for most of her career, so she understands everything that is at stake from a high level. Working remotely for Mednet from sunny California, Christine loves to garden, swim, travel, and spend time with her family.

Sarah Ebbens

Senior Billing Manager

Before working in medical billing, Sarah worked in the medical field for 23 years. So she brings a deep understanding of the medical system to the table. Sarah has a great memory, and loves solving problems—both skills which prove very helpful in medical billing. When she’s not focused on keeping Mednet clients happy and paid, she enjoys reading and watching movies.

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