Need Some Help Managing Your Billing and Coding?

Medical Billing is Complicated, Time-Consuming, and Not What Your Team Loves Doing

As a doctor/healthcare practitioner or an office manager for a medical office, there comes a point when you need to decide to elevate your billing. Whether you’ve recently lost your biller or your in-house staff just can’t keep up, that’s where Mednet excels, bringing medical practices to new levels of profitability.

We Can Increase Your Revenue by 20-30%

Our Services

  • A/R Management and Billing 

We’ll completely take over your medical billing, alleviating the stress and sharing our 98% success rate.

  • Coding Analysis

Mednet provides detailed coding analysis to maximize revenue for the services you perform.

  • EHR Consulting and Implementation

Our management software has state-of-the-art integration with over 50 EHR software platforms.

  • Provider Credentialing

Provider credentialing is a detailed process that needs to be done right the first time so you don’t lose money. Let Mednet take care of it!

Mednet Serves

About Mednet

Founder Scott Wood started Mednet Medical Billing and Coding in 1985, after ten years in the medical billing industry working for Medicare. With his extensive knowledge of Medicare and medical billing, plus a passion for the new technology of the time—the PC—Wood was a forerunner in the medical billing industry. To this day, the team at Mednet remains innovative and committed to bringing quality service to medical practices all over the country, helping health care practitioners increase their profitability so they can better serve their communities.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mednet has handled our Billing and Collection services for the past ten years. Previously, these functions were performed in-house. We were losing thousands of dollars monthly due to incompetent Billing practices, and our cost of collections was far too high. Mednet turned our billing around in the first three months after we hired them. We are very pleased with their work and the results they provide.

Michael T. Clark MD

I am so incredibly happy with the services provided by MedNet Medical billing and Coding. They have kept me running through a difficult time and are so very helpful and efficient. I cannot praise them enough for helping my small business to flourish!

Cheryl Goodman

We Can Increase Your Revenue by 20-30%

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